The Golden Gate Bridge District maintains record of all bicycle collisions occurring on the Bridge that result in Bridge Patrol Officers being dispatched and responding to render aid. Many bicycle collisions on the Bridge sidewalks occur at low speeds, are minor, do not involve any serious injury, and are never reported.


  • Between 2010 and 2019, there were 241 reported collisions involving bicyclists on the Golden Gate Bridge sidewalks
  • 140 of the collisions (58 percent of total) resulted in at least one party being transported by ambulance for off-site medical care
  • The most common type of bicycle collision on the Bridge sidewalks were solo bicycle collisions. There were approximately 19 times as many solo bicycle collisions as there were bicycle-pedestrian collisions during the study period
  • A nearly equal amount of collisions occurred on each side of the bridge


  • Speed was recorded as a factor in nearly 21 percent of collisions


  • Equal number of bicycle collisions on east and west sidewalks
  • Highest number of collisions at light pole 26 (west sidewalk), in a narrow downsloping area on the Marin side
  • Second highest number occurred at light pole 42 adjacent to the Marin Tower, a point in the Bridge where visibility is reduced as the sidewalk wraps around the tower

Collision Type:

Of the 241 reported collisions between 2010-2019:

  • 144 of these were solo bicycle collisions
  • 65 were bicycle-bicycle collisions
  • 28 were bicycle-pedestrian collisions
  • 2 were bicycle-motorist collisions
  • 2 were unknown or other types of collisions

Number of collisions on each side of the bridge, segmented by collision type