Light Pole 26-28 Recommended Improvements

As noted in the crash data, the highest crash location was near Light Pole 26 on the west sidewalk.

The area between Light Poles 28 and 26 is an area where the sidewalk narrows on a downslope toward Marin.

In order to improve safety at this location the following improvements are recommended:

Phase 1
  • Add an additional Northbound Radar Speed Sign in advance of Light pole 28
  • Additional “Path Narrows” signage and pavement markings approaching Light Pole 28 (NB) and Light Pole 26 (SB)
  • 5 mph Advisory Bicycle Speed Limit Signs on both approaches
Phase 2
  • Study results of speeds and any incidents at this location with the additional radar sign, additional warning signage, and overall bridge 15 mph bicycle speed limit
Phase 3: Additional options (based on Phase 2 Results)
  • Add Northbound Yield Markings (downhill yield to bikes in Uphill Direction)
  • Convert to one-way directional traffic, controlled by signals at either end of narrow sections