Wind Retrofit Railing

In order to maintain the structural integrity of the bridge under high winds, a new less wind-resistant west railing was constructed. The design of the new west railing, with thinner pickets, allows increased air flow through the railing to allow the bridge to sustain strong winds

The Bridge District understands the new west railing design allows additional cross winds on the bridge west sidewalk, creating a challenge of increased wind speeds for those bicycling.

The following is suggested to increase awareness of potential high winds and to ensure safe bicycling operation during high wind events:

  • Install additional high visibility wind warning signage along the west sidewalk to raise awareness
  • Implement a Standard Operating Procedure to shift bicycle traffic to the east sidewalk during hazardous wind conditions. Changeable message signs would be installed on Bridge approaches to advise cyclists if they need to use the East sidewalk during a high wind event. Signs will be placed at the four main approaches to the Bridge: East Lot, Battery Trail, and Merchant Avenue on the south end, and Alexander Avenue on the north end. LED lights will be embedded in the signs and indicate which sidewalk is open to bicyclists.